6 Month Recap

This blog has been neglected for months on end now.

In part that was because we bought a house. A house we love, but that requires a lot of our time as we organize, make decisions about furniture, art, and landscaping, etc. We worry about mowing the lawn, sprinkler system maintenance, gutters, A/C units, and the like. And today I bought a shovel and took care of the snow. More than anything we feel very blessed to have such a beautiful home in a neighborhood and community we love.

I also launched a non-profit with a friend, and that has consumed a lot of my time. But it’s been exciting to be a part of something I feel so passionate about. There’s something incredibly energizing about that.


This summer we visited Orange County to visit Sharon and her beautiful family. Naomi also arranged for us to take a sweet Art Deco tour in downtown LA.

LA Art Deco

My baby brother graduated with a degree in Economics from Utah State. Bryce loves having an Aggie in the family.

Richie Graduation

We also went to Seattle, where we got to spend some time with my siblings, and Vancouver, which is an incredible city (and those beautiful sunsets (photoshop not required!)).
Space Needle

Discovery Park, Seattle

Granville Island

Vancouver Sunset

Vancouver Sunset

Followed by a trip on Bryce’s birthday to Yosemite with friends to hike Half Dome. It was spectacular!

Half Dome

I also got to make a visit to Alaska again to visit family. There is no place on earth like Alaska. I should be there every summer.

Hurricane Turn Train

Bear Creek, Alaska


In September we made quick run to Grand Teton and Yellowstone to catch some fall foliage. We were not disappointed.

Grand Teton

Oxbow Bend



Mesa Falls

And, in October, Bryce and I traveled to Japan to visit Bryce’s step-brother and his beautiful wife. Japan is a thousand times more incredible than I imagined, and I’d highly recommend a visit! And one of these days I’ll get around to blogging about the trip, or at least putting up some pics on Facebook.


All in all it’s been a pretty incredible year and we feel incredibly blessed.


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  1. Monica B Jensen

    Wow! What beautiful pictures! Glad you finally blogged again. Daniel’s son looks JUST like him.

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