Hey Baby, Let’s Go to Vegas.

This weekend Bryce and I headed on a spur-of-the-moment trip to the heat of Las Vegas. We rolled into town around 6:30 pm, and the temperature gauge read a perfect 88 degrees. We headed out for some fine dining and enjoyed strolling along the shimmery night lights of the town. We popped into the Bellagio to look at the Conservatory and Botanical Garden in the atrium, and we were not disappointed. The smell was divine as was the sight of thousands of tulips, hyacinths, irises, poppies, daffodils, and calla lilies. Saturday morning we took our books and sunscreen and headed for the pool — the sole purpose of my visit. It did not disappoint. We followed up the pool time with another Vegas favorite, shopping.

Bellagio Flowers

After visiting with some friends we made the executive decision to bail on a second night in Vegas and opted to head for Boulder City, which turned out to be a great choice. The sun was setting as we got to Boulder City, and after an episode or two of the Big Bang Theory, we decided to walk the streets and see what there was to see. The small downtown was delightfully charming! The sidewalks were lined with interesting sculptures and there were galleries, antique shops, cafe’s, restaurants, etc. People were out walking, and really good live music seemed to emanate from every other restaurant or bar we passed. We ended up eating at Dillingers and enjoying a lively “hillbilly jazz” duo called the All Togethers. The next morning, after a leisurely stroll around town again, and into the now open antique shops, and a delicious brunch, we drove out to Hoover Dam, taking in the beautiful view of Lake Mead along the way.

Hoover Dam was beautiful, and the Art Deco style of the exterior elements was right up my alley. The intake buildings, the bas-reliefs, the sentinels, the elevators, the fonts, etc. Perfection – all of it. Sadly, due to our dilly dallying earlier in the day we didn’t have time for the dam tour, but next time we’ll make a point to take it. We did, however, take time to walk across the newly opened (2010) Mike O’Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, the second highest bridge in the United States, which provided incredible views of the dam and surrounding areas.


Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge

Sentinel at Hoover Dam.

Art Deco Intake Towers at Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam

On our way home, I got fairly sick, which added a couple of emotionally draining hours to the already long drive. I’m grateful for a wonderfully patient and kind husband. He didn’t complain when I slept, or balled up in the passenger seat and cried. He rubbed my back, stroked my arm, and let me know everything was going to be okay — and I believe him — even if it’s going to take me some time to get there. I hope no trip again ends the way this one did, but I’m grateful to have him by my side. He’s got my back, figuratively, and literally, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend/St. Patrick’s Day!


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  1. I love the Hoover Dam!! I’m sorry you felt so rotten on the way home, that is NO WAY to experience a road trip! 😦


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