Per Semper

December was an incredible month for so many reasons. There were beautiful Christmas concerts, elegant parties, our nephew Drake’s blessing, sledding and skating, lots of time with family, and all the other traditional trappings of the season. It was particularly awesome because Bryce and I celebrated our one year anniversary (where does the time go??). We played hooky from work and hit the slopes. It was a beautiful bluebird day and we had a great time, and capped it off with spa time and delicious sushi.  The crowning event though was a few days later when we were sealed in the St. George Temple, surrounded by our family. It was a beautiful experience to be kneeling across from Bryce, wearing my mother’s wedding dress, and making promises to him and to God. The power and the peace that I felt were like nothing I’d experienced before. And, it was nice to make our “forever” official.  Also, a major shout out to Alison for the enormous last minute favor of altering my mom’s wedding dress for me — it was a pretty special to be able to wear it that day and I know my mom was touched. You’re the best, Ali!

It’s corny and I almost feel apologetic even saying it, but it is a wonderful thing to be swimming in love and drowning in bliss.  I look forward to the infinite days together that lay ahead of us, Bryce!

LoveSt. George TempleIMG_3272



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3 responses to “Per Semper

  1. SO SO HAPPY FOR YOU! Where are photos in your mom’s wedding dress? Are there any or did you just wear it in the temple?

  2. Monica Jensen

    I second Anna’s comment. Those were my thoughts/questions to the tee! PS I LOVE LOVE LOVE red heels….I have a pair that are missing me right now but in my current “condition” they kill my legs, feet, back and cause me to have contractions….just a few more months until my “Ruby Reds” and I can be reunited. Congratulations to you and Bryce.

  3. B_A

    Thanks, Anna and Monica! I didn’t get any pictures in my mom’s dress. Since it wasn’t our “wedding” day, I decided I would feel funny parading around the temple grounds in a white dress, but I did just add a picture of the dress to the blog post so you can at least see it. It was beautiful and perfect!

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