The U.C Heads to the O.C.

In October I got to go to California to visit my sister, her husband, and their beautiful baby girl, Amelia. As luck would have it, my other sister, her husband, and my nephews, decided to visit at the same time, and we had a great time hanging out in the warm-ish California air. It had been in the 90’s in the weeks and days leading up to my visit, and again in the days that followed, but no such luck when I got there. Being the good sport that I am, I didn’t let the crappy weather ruin the grand trip. The trip got off to a great start when I texted Sharon that I had landed, which I discovered a minute later wasn’t the case. I’m still unclear as to why I thought we had landed, when we hadn’t, but Kirsten and Sharon enjoyed mocking me to no end when they pulled up at the curb to pick me up. It was fun to be with just my sisters for a bit, and we had a great time driving to Sharon’s place, even though I assume most of the laughing was, as usual, at my expense. The rest of the weekend was spent at Downtown Disney, walking the beaches, dining with Cali friends, touring the San Juan Capistrano Mission, and snuggling with the kids. It was lovely and I hope it’s repeated in the near future!

I apologize for the weird formatting on this post, I have no idea what’s going on with WordPress these days.

Lego Beauty and the Beast. Amelia being ver wary of one of the street performers. Kirsten, Andrew, Cohen, and Holden at Huntington Beach. Huntington Beach Sharon, Kory, and Amelia at the San Juan Capistrano Mission. San Juan Capistrano Mission IMG_2290 At the Mission.
Sharon and I being silly.

Saying goodbye at the airport.Waking up just in time to give me one last smile!


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  1. Such cute kids, so glad you had a great time!


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