I have a love/hate relationship with August.  Watching the calendar change from July to August, marks the beginning of the end of summer, for me.  The days are still wonderfully hot, but the nights start to have a chill in them.  The leaves by Bryce’s mom’s house are already beginning to change.  My email lists are full of the hot new trends for fall, while my Facebook feed is replete with posts by friends chronicling sending their kids back to school.

I think summer is the greatest thing ever, and watching it begin to fade is always hard, but Bryce and I are packing a whole lot of summer into these August days.  Already this month there have been picnics, parties, weddings, tennis, outings with the nephews and niece, and lots of Olympics watching. There are more summer dinners, hikes, shows, and excursions on the horizon, as well as time in Boston, New York City, and Jackson Hole.  Here’s to hoping all of that fun tempers my end of summer blues!


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