Uinta Magic.

Last weekend we headed to the mountains for a couple of nights of nature time with friends.  The scenery was stunning, the company was superb, and the rain, when it came, was spectacular and seemingly never-ending. Though the trip was a lot wetter than expected, it was as relaxing, invigorating, and pleasant a camping experience as ever there was. There was time for napping, reading, card playing, exploring, fly-fishing, snacking, and thoughtful and funny conversation.  Backpacking success!

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5 responses to “Uinta Magic.

  1. Brandon

    You shouldn’t do the slideshows. I can’t see them on my phone. 😦

    • B_A

      I know, but WordPress is dumb most of the time, and it’s a lot easier to do a slideshow than to post them in the acutal post. 😦

  2. Kay, I need you to take me on a pretty hike! I need a hiking friend! Love your pictures! Looks amazing!

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