Sunday Promenade.

Yesterday, Bryce and I took a leisurely walk about Liberty Park. I love Liberty Park. I have fond memories of stopping to lunch at the park while on field trips in elementary school. Now, many years later, I’m still in a bit of awe of space that has been preserved and developed for the community. There were families everywhere; walking, biking, swinging, splashing in the water, feeding ducks, throwing horseshoes, barbecuing, and all sorts of other activities. The drum circle and the dance circle were both in full swing, and everyone just seemed happy to be out and about, ourselves included. I spent a good part of the walk saying “Cohen would love this!” or “Holden would have so much fun here!” So, Kirsten, if you’re reading this, hop to it, and come up for a visit. And though the air was still thick with the smell of smoke, the haze provided a glorious sunset. Not a bad way to end an already wonderful weekend.

*Also, by way of information, in 1881, Salt Lake City purchased the land from the Brigham Young estate and held a competition for the park’s landscape design. Joseph Don Carlos Young, Utah’s first academically trained architect and a son of Brigham Young, won the competition.





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2 responses to “Sunday Promenade.

  1. This week I was describing the Sunday drum circle to a coworker, and heard myself telling her it was a bunch of potheads in tie-dye grooving on the grass. I immediately felt bad that potheads could have been perceived as a pejorative so I tried to recover saying, “You know, my people!” Love that Liberty.

  2. Sharon

    Kory LOOOOOOOOOOVED the Tracy Aviary.

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