It’s That Time of Year Again …

It’s Girl Scout Cookie time! Bryce, being the amazing husband that he is, ordered me a stockpile of Samoas from his coworker’s very adorable daughter.  Samoas, as all of you hopefully know, are one of the world’s greatest cookies.  I can’t get enough, and most years, easily polish off a box a day. It’s a dangerous, but delicious habit.

It’s also the time of year when I think about running.  In anticipation of what is almost inevitable following that kind of cookie/calorie consumption, a very expanded waistline, I started thinking about what race I should be signing up for this year.  The problem with my half marathons has always been that I don’t  actually train for them. Ever.  I’m busy, and apparently unwilling to make time to run, which means I end up running these races with only a handful of runs under my belt, which is doable, but not terribly enjoyable.  I have probably gone for fewer than 10 runs since that last race;  finally accepting the fact that I was dropping loads of money for something I wasn’t enjoying much.  So, this morning, after clicking through a bunch of different upcoming halfs and feeling underwhelmed,  I started considering signing up for the Wahsatch Steeplechase, ” a rugged and varied course with a total vertical gain and loss of approximately 9,000 feet over 17 miles.” Clearly, that sounds miserable, and a helluva lot harder than a half marathon, but pretty awesome.  Check it out: Wahsatch Steeplechase.  Brandon and I hiked the course a few years ago and it was amazing.  He does the race every year, because he’s hard core like that. Unlike me.

I once again  find myself wondering if I could actually push myself to do this. The race would be harder than simply hiking the course, and there would be no gourmet breakfast for me to enjoy while watching the sunrise on the peak, but I’d probably feel an amazing sense of accomplishment if I completed it.  I’ve considered doing this for a few years now, and every year chicken or lazy out, but maybe now that I have married Mr. Triathlon (he not only regularly does them, but also completed a tri with a rupturing appendix), I can use him as a live-in motivator and trainer? I’m sure it would be better if that motivation and discipline came from within, but I’m not there yet, and I think that’s fine.  So, here’s to “thinking” about doing the Wahsatch Steeplechase.  And also, now I really want a cookie.

Pics of the view and the crags atop Black Mountain.



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3 responses to “It’s That Time of Year Again …

  1. Sharon

    Thin Mints > Samoas. Seacrest out.

  2. Naomi

    When you figure out how to channel that motivation, send some this direction, please.

  3. Brandon

    Just do it already. It’ll be something to tell your grandkids about. Plus, it’s super fun!

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