To Do: Get Married!

In late January of this year, I got a fortune cookie with my lunch that said: “Investigate new possibilities with friends. Now is the time!” I don’t put stock in fortunes, and still don’t, but given the course of my life’s events this year, it makes me smile. I couldn’t be more pleased that Bryce has been upgraded from buddy to eternal best friend.

Turns out planning a wedding isn’t really my cup of tea, except for the part where I get to make copious amounts of lists. I have Google Docs, Excel Spreadsheets, Calendars, and post-it notes filled with lists. I’m impressed with my organization. Jes and Shelby even went with me to the reception venue last week and measured out the whole space, and then Shelby created a mock-up on AutoCad. This is serious business. In creating one of my lists this week I went online to get a specific number of days left to plan for this blessed event and learned that yesterday was the halfway point between the day we got engaged and our wedding day. Not terribly exciting for anyone other than me, I’m sure, but it’s nice knowing we’re on the downhill!


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