So long, thirty!

Thirty has been very good to me.

Thirty saw me (finally!) make my way to the Subway at Zion, the Spiral Jetty, and the Tetons. I also got to visit Moab, Los Angeles, Yellowstone, Jackson Hole, New York City, Alaska, Seattle, Miami, and have countless adventures with friends and family in the mountains and deserts closer to home. This year I made friends with some pretty amazing people who I know will be in my life for years to come. One of my nearest and dearest friends moved back from across the pond, and even though it isn’t permanent, thirty has been better for her having been nearby.  I got to celebrate milestone birthdays with my Nono (90!) and my Grandma Helen (80!) as well as an actual birth-day, with the addition of a beautiful new nephew to my family.  I tried my hand at things domestic, including canning, crème brûlée, and “chicken and potatoes.”  I ran three half-marathons without properly training and rather spectacularly face-planted in a kickball game (SuperFastJellyFish!).  Sadly, some of my family moved away this year, and I miss them like crazy, but have come to love them and appreciate our relationship even more as a result. Yes, thirty was definitely a good year. Thanks to each of you for making it so wonderful!

No pressure, thirty-one. I have a good feeling about you.

(click the pics to enlarge)


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