A few weeks ago I came home from work to find on my pillow one of the most touching letters I have ever received.  I had tears streaming down my face almost immediately as I read the kind words of a friend who expressed gratitude for me and for our friendship.  This friend had no idea that what she wrote was exactly what I needed to hear in that moment, and as it turned out, in the weeks that followed as I struggled to extend the hand of friendship and proverbial olive branch to someone who wasn’t interested.  It has meant so much to know that in spite of my many flaws I can and do add something of goodness to the lives of my family and friends.

The last couple of weeks I’ve become increasingly aware of how wonderful the people I associate with are.  From the ones I’ve been close to upwards of two decades, to those I’ve only known a couple of months, or even a couple of weeks, I have amazing friends.  Last night as I surveyed a gathering of my friends and saw several different circles blending for the evening, I couldn’t help but be impressed by how welcoming and inclusive each of them is of others.  That I, and each of them, can know, with a certainty, that whomever one of us invites to join us would be warmly received, is something I ought not take for granted.  And likewise that conversations are interesting, thoughtful, witty, if inane at times, but never a morass of negativity or cynicism.  None of us is perfect, certainly, but by and large my life has intertwined itself with the lives of a host of really good and genuine men and women.  I can say, without exception, each of my friends has enriched my life and I am a better person for having each of them.

There is no real connection between this post and photo I took of Lake Morraine, Banff.  It’s here primarily because I like it (though Banff will go down as one of my favorite vacations of all time, due primarily to the great friends I traveled with.  Bam, connection!).


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