Sunday Afternoon Walks

After the morning session of General Conference today, I took my oldest nephew for a short walk around the neighborhood.  When we got to the top of the street he saw the large clearing and asked if we could explore it and search for “spooky animals.”  Ever happy to indulge him in an adventure, I agreed and proceeded on a lengthy stomp about the woods, despite my lack of appropriate footwear.  Almost immediately we came across deer tracks and piles of deer poop, and off we were to try to find them.  Now and again we’d lose the trail, but pretty quickly we’d pick it up again.  At some point, with my feet sufficiently frozen, I asked him if he wanted to continue to follow the deer.  He excitedly replied, “Yes, we need to follow the deer, and the prophet!”  I had a good laugh, but was touched by his forceful declaration. Bless the faith of his four-year old heart and the good parents he has who teach him the important things in life.


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