Embracing Vulnerability.

I got this link from a former professor of mine and I can’t tell you how much I love it.  It related so perfectly to the thoughts and feelings that I’ve been swimming through the last few weeks.   Recently I’ve chastised myself for having made myself so vulnerable to someone else.  This clip made me appreciate, or perhaps reminded me of,  the value and power of such an action.  It isn’t weak or anemic, rather it is courageous and honest.  We have little hope of being seen without allowing for or sharing our weaknesses or imperfections.  It is, ultimately, an act of respect and authenticity.

Watch. And then watch again.


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  1. ahh… now i think the latin at the top of your blog is even more appropriate (and reminds me, once again, just how deeply important it is to strive to adhere to it).

    wonderful, wonderful talk… and so so true if you think about it – pinpointing and articulating concepts that i think we latently *know* – that naked exposure is fundamental to close connection – but still fear and unworthiness are powerful emotions – it doesn’t matter how much we recognize that we feel most connected to those with whom we are the most vulnerable with, it still seems like exposure as a mondus operandi feels like a bold and reckless and potentially-hurtful approach to life. i think this is because we tend to think those close people are special cases, exceptions… which in itself is telling that our fear actually comes from an underlying sense of unworthiness – “yes, but those are *special* people… i’m *actually* unworthy of connection, but for some crazy reason, this person accepts me as i am….since i certainly don’t deserve it.”

    that’s it. vow made. more vulnerability.

    i love you – and i love your blog. xoxo

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