I recently had a late night, several hours long chat with one of my nearest and dearest friends.  We did a little reminiscing, but mostly we talked of family, love, and life.  Not in that superficial or surface level way, but rather with meaning, depth, and substance.   There is something profoundly satisfying about such conversations.

I am fortunate to have a friend who can see past my many shortcomings and find the good in me, when sometimes I can’t, or when I feel that others don’t.  She’s the best kind of friend, because she has known and loved me so long that she sees me.  Isn’t that really what we’re all wanting? To be seen?


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  1. awh… our late night satisfying chats are the best… we’ve been *seeing* each other for a long time… shared history is a part of the equation that’s really really difficult to compensate for/replicate! x

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